Oly-tri training update

June 7

Evidently I am having trouble keeping up with this blog. Honestly, my heart just isn’t into it right now. I think back when I first started all of this I was excited, the plant-based thing was new, etc. Sadly, that excitement is gone. I have been doing this for going on 4 years, run some races, then our family doubled and things got crazy. It has been a struggle to maintain any of my old habits during that time. I have trained for several races and for whatever reasons (health, races being cancelled) those haven’t panned out. Either way, this blog has taken a back seat to life. I am still training for this triathlon, and I will run it. For now, though, I will not be doing the daily blogs. I hope to update periodically, and I sure hope this isn’t the end of this blog, but for now I just don’t have it in me. Stay tuned for more to come . . .


Oly-tri training: week 1, day 4

May 26

I am headed out this morning on a trip with my dad that I gave him for Christmas, so I will probably take a couple days off from blogging. Food will probably not be great because we will be in Austin and food there is too good to pass up.

bench: 3 x 10 @ 60% of ORM (95 lbs)
dead: 3 x 10 @ 60% of ORM (115 lbs)

Oly-tri training: week 1, day 3

May 25

Got up early to run, but then realized I didn’t have a workout scheduled. I took advantage and dozed on the couch for another 45 minutes.

My allergies/congestion is out of control. It has lead to one of the worst sore throats I can remember.

rest day

breakfast: GF pancakes w/honey
lunch: bean chips, white rice w/liquid aminos
dinner: salad bar from Jason’s
snack: seed crackers w/vegan cheese (non-soy)

Oly-tri training: week 1 day 2

May 24

I had a good ride this morning. Feels great to be back on the bike.

Food was good today, we splurged a little at dinner going to a BBQ place to hear my friend’s band play. It was planned.

My legs were pretty shot as the day went on after riding and squatting yesterday.

Z2 bike: 55 min
distance: 12.1 mi
HR avg: 133

pre-ride: black coffee, 2 honey stinger bites
post-ride: smoothie – coconut milk, banana, pineapple, pea protein, almond milk, mixed greens
lunch: bean chips, toast w/vegan cheese (non-soy)
dinner: okra w/almond flour, black eyed peas, pinto beans, slaw, potatoes, corn bread

Oly-tri training: week 1, day 1

May 23

First day went well. The gym was tough, but overall good. My legs were pretty toasty at the end, which should translate into a painful beginning of my bike ride in the morning.

Food wise I was good. Not as close to vegan as I wanted today, but only because we had some left over salmon that needed to be eaten. I believe in plant-based, but I also believe in not wasting food.

20 min easy run
10 x 3 press @ 60% 1rm (55 lbs)
10 x 3 squat @ 60% of 1rm (65 lbs)
core work

breakfast: black coffee, Lara bar
lunch: salmon, large green salad, cup white rice w/liquid aminos
dinner: large salad – romaine, tomato, onion, white rice, refried pintos, avocado, scoop sour cream, homemade ranch

Here we go again . . .

May 22

Here we are again. Let’s hope this pans out. I just registered for the San Angelo Triathlon on August 14. It’s an olympic distance, so now I’m invested. I start training tomorrow, and am READY.

Since my 13.1 was cancelled, I have been a little loose with the workout out and diet. That changed now. I am 100% dedicated. My only challenges will be the significant amount of traveling I will do between now and then.

I have selected a 16 week training program developed by Garmin. It is a heart-rate based training program lasting 12 weeks. It will focus on around 4-5 endurance workouts per week. I will add in 2 gym days, focusing on the simplyhumanlifestyle.com protocol of heavy lifts increasing weight/decreasing reps each week (press, squat, bench, dead) and add in core work and other workouts those days. I will do the least amount of swimming, instead using some of those workouts to strengthen running due to the difficulty of the running course of this race.

Nutritionally I will focus mainly on plants, limited grains and sugars. I will be almost exclusively vegan, with exceptions for occasional fish, cream, and butter. Back to basics, nothing crazy. Real food. I will not focus on fat adaptation for a race of this distance.

13.1 training: frustrating end

April 9

Well, I have not posted lately partly due to travel, but mostly due to something extremely frustrating. The organizers from the half-marathon I am training for called me last week to let me know the 13.1 has been cancelled due to construction on the route. I feel this is a premature and knee-jerk decision on their part, but what I feel doesn’t matter. Training has gone very well lately and I was very excited to do this race. This is the third race in a row cancelled for me due to various reasons. Oh well, it’s how things are.

I have checked and there are no other comparable races (running or triathlon) that can take this races place in the near future. So, that leaves me a bit lost. I am in shape to keep training, but nothing to train for before mid-late summer. I may run a 10k next week, and will run the 5k on the planned 13.1 day, but still . . .

I have taken this week off to get lazy and eat whatever. Monday morning I will return to the gym with harder weight workouts 2-3 times per week (going back to Simply Human plans), and include 3-4 endurance workouts (run/bike/swim). I am going to officially start to get into triathlon shape in hopes a race “pops” up sooner than later.

13.1 training: week 13, day 1

March 27

I went to bed around 2 last night, so I didn’t work out this morning. I will catch up this week.

Today was a crazy day, and I let myself eat on the run just grabbing not optimal stuff.


breakfast: scones
lunch: pasta, large green salad
dinner: flatbread pizza, chips w/spinach and artichoke dip

13.1 training: week 12, day 7

March 27

Rest day today for Easter. Ate good food.

13.1 training: week 12, day 6

March 26

Today’s run was good, but still very tiring. My HR was in pretty good shape. I am not sure how confident I feel being a month out from the race.

z2 run:
wu: 10
run 60
walk 10
run 60
Total distance: 10.7 (not including warmup)

breakfast/pre-run: banana, almond butter, black coffee
post-run: chips/hot sauce, cheese enchiladas, beans and rice
dinner: don’t remember (wrote this later)