September 28

In Long Beach this week for a conference. Great run down the beach today. My program called for a 2.5 mi run, but ended up doing a little more since I was on the beach and wasn’t ready to turn around. On a side note, I am feeling awesome, even given that it’s the first week of my training. I attribute it to the diet.

I have also decided to start fading my coffee consumption. I’ve already cut down to one small cup in the morning, but I would like to get it where I have none most days.

pic from my run this morning

3.22 mi run
time: 32:15
mpm: 10:01

post run: black tea
Breakfast: Banana, pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, coffee (1/2 caf, 1/2 decaf)
Lunch: salad (spring mix, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber), sauteed vegetables (carrots, asparagus, new potatoes), wheat roll
Snack: 18 Rabbits fig, cherry, cocoa nib bar
Dinner: sushi – salmon (x2), yellow tail, tuna, avocado roll
Snack: 5 oz frozen yogurt, plain tart w/no toppings


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