October 5

Did my first speed training of this program. I don’t remember that last time I ran on a track. I think this is the first time that my new minimal shoes have really taken a toll on me. It must be a mixture of those and a different surface, but my calves are killing me. My back is still really hurting . . . we’ll have to see about tomorrow’s strength training. I may put it off to make sure my back has time to heal. We’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Started reading Fast Food Nation last night. Yet another thing to get me more convinced that I may never eat fast food again.

Speed training: 8 x 400
Total time: 29:49
Total distance: 2.75 mi

pre-workout: date/lemon rapid energy bites
post-workout: 2 spicy chocolate energy bars
breakfast: banana, cinnamon, agave, cashews, 1/2 cup coffee
lunch: burrito (wheat tortilla, refried beans, black beans, rice, corn, grilled onions/peppers, a little cheese, lettuce, pico, cilantro, green chilies, salsa), tortilla chips
dinner: spaghetti (very little, at a catered dinner), salad (iceberg lettuce)
snack: blue corn chips/lime chips


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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