October 16

Waited until later in the day to do my run today since I got in so late from the game. I followed somewhat of a warrior diet approach, not eating much before my run to see how my energy level was. It worked out great . . . I had a PR on MPM, so I am pretty stoked about that. I got a new phone, which has also done wonders in my GPS tracking (I’m not having to go back into Runkeeper to fix my routs to make them the proper distance.).

4.16 mi
time: 36:51
mpm: 8:51 *(PR)

breakfast: handful of dry whole grain cereal, coffee (1/2 decaf)
pre-run: lemon/date energy bite, dates w/agave
post-run: 1/3 apple 2/honey, water w/ 1/2 lime – juiced
lunch: basmati rice, pinto beans, spinach, smoked peppers, 4 blue corn chips (to help with the heat of a very hot pepper I ate), almond milk
snack: carob square, carob almonds, dried strawberry/blueberries
dinner: roasted squash, 2 slices of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread, pb, homemade jelly, squash soup, sesame/pumpkin cracker


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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