November 6

My eating is starting to catch up to me. I feel not so great. I think it is just allergies, but my kid has strep, and we shared drinks yesterday so let’s hope this isn’t gonna get me. Nothing a long run can’t cure.

I sat out to run the scheduled 6 miles. I know I am dehydrated for several reasons, but the main one is that I got extremely thirsty about 1 mile in (which is very unusual). Anyway, it was windy and I felt slow, but as I got somewhere around mile 5.5, I decided to go a little longer. I ended up finishing up a little over 8 miles. My time is definitely not where I wanted it, but I was very satisfied in knowing that I can get 8 miles, even off of a bad eating week and not doing anything really since Wednesday. I do feel like I could have done White Rock 1/2 again this year, but oh well. I now need to focus on trimming about 6 minutes off of my final time. I still think I run much better in the morning than in the late afternoon (it was also pretty warm).

I am buckling down this week and starting to eat whole and raw again as I can. I am making up some new food this morning (almond milk, sour cream and onion kale chips, sprouted buckwheat seeds). 2.5 weeks until the race, and I still need to shave about 30 seconds/mile from my time. I feel that I can do it if I really stick to the training and food.

8.11 mile run
time: 1:16:14
mpm: 9:24

breakfast: whole wheat homemade pancakes w/maple syrup, coffee
snack: roasted squash
lunch: veggie stew, blue corn chips, kale chips
pre-run: dates w/agave
post-run: dried pineapple
dinner: butternut squash ravioli w/homemade spaghetti sauce
snack: carob almonds


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