December 5

I had a good first day. The Insanity fit test went well, nothing too over the top. I think I tweaked something in my back. Not too bad, but may heat/ice it if it is still giving me trouble after my next workout. I will say that I was a little thrown off by my heart rate. In some of my past intense workouts I have maxed out somewhere around 182, and averaged somewhere around 150. I felt like I was exerting myself during the workout, and was pretty winded at times, but I still only maxed out at 159. I think that has to do with my current cardio level. Again, I’ll know more after the next workout.

Diet wise, this was my first day tracking calories and macros. I was a little shocked at my low protein level. Nothing to be too concerned about, just need to add a little more leafy greens and maybe more beans into the regular diet.

I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead tonight. Pretty fascinating. I have decided to start doing some juicing. I will start in the morning. Very excited about it.

Insanity fit test
HR: 159 max, 127 avg

post-workout: Acai superfoods juice
breakfast: Almond carob shake (from Thrive), coffee
lunch: blue corn chips, large salad (spinach, arugula, pinto beans, basmati rice, homemade salsa, sunflower seeds, cilantro, sprouted mung beans), cranberry/apricot vegan squares
snack: chia energy squares, sweet potato chips, small apple
dinner: pumpkin/butternut squash soup, organic flatbread crackers, guacamole
snack: banana, cashews, agave, small amount of soy milk

Total calories: 2,229
p/c/f: 14/62/24


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