December 8

My body is starting to feel the workouts. My legs are tired, and hurt. Not the excruciating DOMS, but more of a dull pain. I need to be getting more sleep.
I cooked lunch today out of Thrive. I made a pecan and sunflower burger and added creamy ginger dressing. Although a lot of his things taste the same (certainly since more recipes have similar base ingredients), this was really good, but say pretty heavy. It had a ton of fat, so that will jack with my ratios today, but I’m not concerned.

For dinner my family wanted pancakes, so I made them. The only ingredient that I used that I wouldn’t normally eat was butter.

Pecan/sunflower seed burger

whole food pancakes

whole food pancakes


Cardio rest and recovery

breakfast: Ezekiel bread, almond butter, agave, coffee
lunch: pecan/sunflower seed burger, spinach and spring mix, creamy ginger dressing
snack: dried pineapple, dates
dinner: whole food pancakes (buckwheat flower, oats, evoo, agave, butter, soy milk, baking powder), maple syrup, leftover quasadilla from son.

Total calories: 2147
p/c/f: 9/29/69


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