December 10

For as good as yesterday’s workout was, today’s was severely lacking. My heart rate monitor stopped working immediately in, and that threw me off. I never really got into the zone. I did swim for about an hour with the kids in the morning, so that was at least a minimal workout as well. Eating wise, I took in a ton of calories and fat today, but most of it was good fat so I am not terribly concerned.

plyo cardio circuit

breakfast: oats with agave, coffee
lunch: large salad (arugula, spinach, sprouted mung beans, creamy ginger dressing), 1/2 bean burrito from Rosa’s, pumpkin/sqaush soup, blue corn chips
post-workout: almond/blueberry shake, Thrive recovery pudding
dinner: pecan/sunflower burger, Ezekiel bread, feta cheese, sweet potato chips, carob almonds

Total calories: 2,632
p/c/f: 10/40/50




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