December 27

I am back on the horse, mostly. I had a decent workout this morning, but then decided I felt like running this afternoon. I did a 5k (3.24 actually) and got a PR at 7:55 mpm. I was pretty gassed afterward, but it felt good to be running again.

Food wise I am still a little liberal, but am buckling down more now that the holidays are winding down. I juiced today other than dinner, but dinner was a Sharky’s burrito with a little spicy ranch and chips. Ugh.

I weighed this week and was up 1.8 lbs from last week, but that was the day after Christmas, and I splurged.

Cardio power and resistance
running: 3.24 mi
time: 25:39
pace: 7:55 mpm (PR)

juice, veggie pulp muffins, burrito, chips, spicy ranch, Nana’s cookie


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