January 16

Well, I guess all my body needed to break through that 192 mark I have been hovering around for the last 2 months is a little consistency and a lot of fruits and veggies. I weighed in at 187.6 this morning. That’s a 4.6 lb loss since last Monday, putting me at a total loss of 6 lbs since the beginning of this cut. I know that was a lot of water weight, but it was great to see the scale in the 180’s this morning. I can’t remember that last time it was there. I remember that around my junior year of high school I went to the doctor and my weight was in the mid to upper 170’s, but I have no idea what it was until I weighed at the doctor again my junior year of college at 233. If I had to guess I would say that I am the lightest I have been since at least my freshman year of college, which was 15 years ago. Still need to lose about 8-10 more lbs of fat to lean out to around 10% bf.

Workout was great today, lots of energy, only needed a few short breaks. HR didn’t get too high, but I’m not concerned. I felt I was putting forth max effort.

max cardio conditioning
HR: avg  132  max 164

breakfast: juice (apple, lemon, dandelion greens, kale, ginger, carrots)
pre-workout: dates
post-workout: coconut water with guava
lunch: leftover amount of noodle bowl from last night, raw broccoli, hummus, roasted butternut squash and onion
dinner: butternut squash soup, blue corn chips
snack: dried fruit, blue corn chips


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