January 17

Not a ton of energy in the workout this morning. I think it may be because I woke up an hour early due to a kid with a bloody nose, and pigging out last night before bed on chips and fruit. My HR is not getting up as high lately, not sure why.

max interval plyo
HR:  avg 134  max 164

Diet (raw day)
breakfast: juice (banana, dandelion greens, orange, apples, pear, broccoli stem, kale stems)
pre-workout: dates
post:workout: dates
lunch: salad (spinach, italian parsley, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, walnuts, coconut, homemade almond vinaigrette)
snack: leftover juice from this morning
dinner: homemade tomato soup and butternut squash soup (tons of it), rice crackers, blue corn chips


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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