January 31

I am becoming frustrated. My leg is still giving me problems. It’s not 100% of the time, but enough to let me know that if I workout (jump, run, etc) it will hurt. I am going to the Dr. next week, so I guess I can always ask him about it. Until then, I will be very tentative with my workouts. I really wanted to finish the 60 days, but I don’t see that happening. Oh well, if injury derails me, at least it’s not in the middle of my cut, but at the end.

I am going to up my juicing as long as I’m not working out in hopes to lean out and shed the last bit of fat around my belly. Still getting pretty ravenous at night.

none due to injury

Diet (raw day)
breakfast: banana, agave, almond butter, chia seeds
lunch: juice (apple, pear, carrot, kale, romaine lettuce)
snack: juice (broccoli stem, carrots, apple, pear, ginger, key lime, bok choy)
dinner: kemut and quinoa pasta, homemade tomato sauce, arugula, steamed broccoli (w/evoo), small amount of pear with sesame seeds
snack: homemade cacoa pudding, rice wheat crackers, dried mango


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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