February 28

I didn’t expect to be this sore from my first warm up, but I am. I also don’t feel so good (head full, soar throat), no doubt a result of my eating these past few days.

I did the warm up again this morning. The ab extensions are starting to pull on my back, I need to check my form to make sure I am doing it right. As the day went on, I hurt more and more. I think it’s the combo of the crap in my head and the soreness from the new workouts. I was supposed to do CFE long intervals in the afternoon, but because of this and a meeting, I will put those off until tomorrow. I may skip the warmup or do the modified warmup at home in the morning to give my body a chance to catch up.

As the day went on, I began feeling worse and worse.

CrossFit warmup
time: 12:56

post-workout: chocolate almond smoothie (almonds, banana, carob powder, flax, hemp, dates), coffee
snack: coconut rolled date, cooked broccoli
lunch: small bowl of vegetable pasta, homemade tomato sauce, trail mix
snack: pear
dinner: blue tacos (blue taco shells, homemade vegan “cheese” sauce, guac, pinto beans, basmati rice)
snack: Nana’s cookie


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