May 21

Bed at 11:00, up at 5:45.

Weighed in at 188.2 this morning. Down 3 lbs in first 7 days of cut . . . feels good to get some water weight off. I felt the difference in my clothes this morning.

Good workout this morning. Did push press for the first time (first type for any time of clean) this morning during strength. Took it really light on the weight to make sure I knew what I was doing. It’s more about technique at this point. Also did handstand pushups this morning for the first time. Long way to go on those.

Something that was encouraging was the fact that I was able to do all 30 pull ups (with band) during warmup. Never have been able to do more than 25.

My 4th toe on both feet (next to pinkie toe) is sore and has a tiny bruise at the corner of the nail. At started on my left foot and I figured it was a toenail cut too short, but it is now on both toes. Not sure what it is. I read some stuff online and think maybe it is due to my shoes being too tight. I will loosen them in the morning for intervals and see if it helps, and maybe add some ice at some point. I really hope it is not the shoes, I’m counting on them lasting me a while longer.

wu: 10:30
ME – push press: 3:25
rest: 5:50
strength and conditioning: 3 rounds for time
7 handstand pushups, 9 Russian kettlebell swings (53 lbs), 11 bar facing burpees
time: 12:50
total workout time: 32:37

post-workout: dates
breakfast: veggie juice (kale, broccoli, carrots, romaine, apples, pears, lime, oranges)
lunch: veggie stew, almond crackers
dinner: large salad (spinach, cilantro, avocado, homemade salsa), blue corn chips
snack: almonds, LaraBar, orange tea, almond crackers


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