May 29

Weighed in at 188.8 this morning, + 0.6 since last week. That is to be expected with the way I ate. Back on track this morning though.

I had a good CFE workout this morning, thought it would be fairly easy and quick, but that was a stupid thought. I was pretty slow through the warmup (I am certain that it’s due to my nutrition). I did power cleans, which were good. Still didn’t do too heavy of weight while I am learning technique, but enough to wear me out.

This afternoon my short interval workout was a killer. I rarely run on a treadmill, much less at a 12% grade. It was short, but brutal.

I made several big decisions today regarding my upcoming race schedule, training, and my marathon training. First of all, I have decided to go from the single sport to the multi sport training for CFE. That will look put me doing an endurance workout almost daily. Next, I am going to register for the Blackland Triathlon on Labor Day. It is a sprint, so I am not too concerned with my ability to do it. I now need to work on biking and swimming. Finally, I have all but decided to not use the No Meat Athlete Marathon Guide, but instead just continue my CFE training, add a long run in on the weekend, then the occasional additional run during the week. It will be a hybrid between NMA, Hal Higdon, and CFE. I will not just do it haphazardly, I will be very organized and outline all 18 weeks before starting.

I won a copy of Rich Roll’s new book Finding Ultra. Very excited to begin it.

AM: CFE WOD – AMRAP 7:00, 5 power cleans, 7 burpees
wu: 12:06
recover/work up to heavy weight: 10:01
AMRAP: 7:00
total time: 29:07

PM: short intervals – treadmill 8 x 20:10 (30 sec slower than 5k pace) on 12% grade

pre-workout: 3 dates
post-workout: Acai berry superfoods juice, coffee
lunch: salad (spinach, kale, sprouted bean mix, pinto beans, sunflower seeds), red pepper humus, almond crackers
dinner: flax seed wrap, spinach, avocado, mustard, a few spelt sticks, grapes, dried mango
snack: LaraBar, blue corn chips, homemade salsa, carob square


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