June 11

Down 3 lbs this week from last. I was somewhat surprised due to the amount of salt I had yesterday. I am about 10 lbs away from what I would consider my ideal race weight, but I am not too concerned with that. I would really like to get my bf down to around 11% by the end of July. I will take full measurements and pics again Thursday. I am going out of town Friday, so I won’t actually be home for the mid-cut measurements, so Thursday will have to do. I am becoming more and more aware of my woefully low muscle tone through this cut. Oh well, I have no immediate bulking plans, so I will just have to be happy with what I have for the time being.

My original plans for this cut were to be vegan for the first 30 days, which will end tomorrow. I will carry it through Friday though, and break it with my birthday sushi meal.

CrossFit welcomed me back today with a brutal workout. I took it easy on the strength and only did the bar to work on clean form. For the WOD I started with one weight, then dropped down during/after my second round just out of caution. I am absolutely gassed. Shoulder felt good throughout . . . no pain with pull ups or any of the activities.

Made some cereal out of Thrive today. It was awesome. Definitely will make again.

I got some stomach cramps mid afternoon after the pool and drinking some Acai juice. Dinner helped out. Not sure what it was (different than hunger pains).

wu: 10:15
recover/set-up: 2:35
strength: ME power clean (bar only) – 6 x 2: 3:25
recover/set-up: 9:01
strength and conditioning:
5 rounds for time: 7 clean grip dead lift (155/135 lbs), 9 Russian kettlebell swings (53/25 lbs), 11 burpees: 22:16
total time: 47:35

PM: swimming balance drills
total time: 25:00

pre-workout: dates
post-workout/breakfast: pear, banana, ginger cereal w/almond milk, coffe x 1.5
lunch: roasted veggies (red and green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, sprouted mung beans, tomatoes), sesame sticks
dinner: one trip Jason’s Deli salad bar
snack: Acai berry superfoods juice, sesame sticks, LaraBar, banana, cashews, agave


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