June 12

My back is pretty sore this morning from yesterday’s workout. I’d almost forgotten how deadlifts can make you feel.

My CFE run this morning was good. My original plan was to warm up in my 5 fingers on the practice football field, then do my intervals on the track so I didn’t have to run on a hard surface while I’m still working on my form. But both were taken, so I warmed up on the practice soccer fields (not near as nice), then drove home and ran in the street. I included some CFE running drills in my warmup. I think I am slowly getting it, but I can already tell my calves are going to be killing me in the next few days. I was able to keep a pretty fast pace (for me) during the 100s without feeling like I was killing myself, which was encouraging. I think I am beginning to feel the benefits of expending less energy with the correct running form.

Good WOD today.

We grilled out for dinner (our grill hasn’t seen too much use since giving up meat). Was great, we need to do it more. Found 2 of these guys in the corn. I guess that proves that it was organic.



AM: CFE endurance (run)
10 x 100m, 0:45 rest
wu: 10:06
25.8 (had trouble stopping the clock, probably finished 2 sec faster than this)
cd: 7:26
total time: 28:09

PM: CrossFit WOD
AMRAP in 10:00
10 pull ups, 15 hand release push ups, 20 air squats
results: 4 rounds + 10 push ups

post-run/breakfast: recovery pudding, coffee x 1.5
lunch: leftover Jason’s Deli salad w/hummus
post-workout: coconut water
dinner: portabellos, onions and tomatoes grilled with white wine, romaine, pineapple, zucchini, roasted yams and sweet potatoes
snack: pineapple, almond butter, raw honey, carob chips, avocado




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