June 19

Weighed 187 this morning, up 3 lbs since last week. Not a surprise, especially with the amount of sodium I had yesterday. I am planning on a lot of juicing today and tomorrow, probably 2-3 meals a day to get me back on track.

On to the biggest news of my cut . . . I got a bike this weekend! I can’t believe it. My friend gave me his “old” Specialized Allez. It is in great shape, less than 1000 miles on it. My other friends got it tuned up for me, and I used some of the money I had set aside for a bike to stock up on everything I need, so I am 100% ready to ride. Great bday. I rode tonight for a little bit, fell twice getting used to the clips (not really while moving). Felt great to ride.


I moved furniture this morning, so I counted that as my WOD. My interval work today was good. The form felt good, finally getting more comfortable with the new running techniques. I was able to hit around the 3:30 mark consistently, which was better than I anticipated. Lots of work today before my marathon training begins at the end of July.

AM: moved furniture

PM: long intervals
3 x 800m w/3:00 rest
wu and recover: 16:32
1: 3:28
3: 3:28
cd: 4:08
total time: 37:08

bike ride:
time: 37:47
distance: 9.84 mi

breakfast: coffee, juice (apple, orange, strawberries, sweet potato, carrots, romaine, lime, cucumber)
pre-workout: coconut water
post-workout: banana
dinner: blue corn chips, bean dip (black beans, avocado, salt, lime, spinach), red pepper
snack: walnuts, carob chips, blue corn chips, dried mango


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