July 15

Not great eating today. For whatever reason I decided to have fish at lunch. It was good. It will be my last non-vegan meal until at least the first weekend in August when we go to the lake. I start the juice fast on Saturday, definitely looking forward to it.

I promised the boys we would cook out tonight. We did some veggie hot dogs and burgers. The hot dogs were much more processed than the burgers. The burgers were primarily veggies and corn starch. They were really good, we will probably get the burgers again. I made some vegan maple/chocolate chunk ice cream tonight for small group. It was awesome (maple syrup, cashews, banana, dark chocolate with cacao nibs, vanilla).

scheduled rest day

breakfast: 1/2 banana, LaraBar
lunch: catfish w/tarter sauce, potatoes, chips and salsa, a few bites of beans, bite of chocolate pie
dinner: Veggie burgers, hot dog, Ezekiel English muffin, blue corn chips, refried beans
snack: maple/chocolate ice cream


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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