July 19

Swim was good this morning. Tabata swim isn’t near as bad as run. I was hitting right at 25 yds per 20 seconds. My form felt better as well, less strokes the faster I went. After my eighth interval my HR was about 162 . . . a little higher than it should be.
Speaking of high heart rate, I am going to switch the TT run and bike based on the advice of a friend, forcing myself to do tabata run on Saturday. Ugh.

My left toe feels much better this morning. Right toe is a little tender, but getting better.

We moved furniture most of the afternoon, and ended up working up until dinner. We went to Rosa’s, so we took in our own spinach and made salads with some grilled veggies, guac, and beans. I also had chips.

I packed my gear tonight for an early 15 mile ride in the morning. Looking forward to it.


short interval swim
wu: 9:00
tabata – 8 x 20:10
cd: 3:00

pre-swim: leftover blended salad from yesterday, coffee
post-swim: almond butter, banana
lunch: spaghetti squash w/ homemade marinara, carob squares
dinner: Rosa’s – spinach, salsa, pico, jalapenos, cilantro, refried beans, guacamole, chips, fajita veggies w/oil (not VFBNS)


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