July 26

I was down 3 lbs to 175 this morning, the lowest I’ve been since I was 17. My mood changed as soon as I started juicing again this morning. I am tired of being angry and in a bad mood. I am not sure the reason behind it, but I hate it. My mood did slowly improve as the day progressed.

We have started to clean out the juicing groceries, so our juices today were a mix of a little bit of everything. Our dinner juice was a lot of fruit, we just had a lot of it and needed a pick me up. The end is in sight.

Juice #19 – 9:30 AM: cucumber, ginger, romaine, kale, zucchini, celery, carrots, mango, apple, kiwi, orange, broccoli
22 oz. Tasted ok, still not a celery fan.

Juice #20 – 2:15 PM: broccoli, kale, romaine, sweet potato, radishes, red bell pepper, carrot, apple, cucumber, lime, asparagus
30 oz. Tasted . . . interesting.

Juice #21 – 7:30 PM: peaches, cucumber, bok choy, romaine, carrots, apples, orange, strawberries, basil
26 oz. Really, really good.

Hot tea with lemon before bed.


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