August 21

Pretty sore after the workout this morning, especially the power cleans.
I splurged at lunch . . . it was catered and good. I went to a bday party with my kids at night and had a little pizza. This will be my last splurge week . . . next week will be back to the regular diet.

I was going to ride inside today, but the weather was so nice that I rode outside. It was a great ride. Starting to finally get into my groove. Held good speed I think.

wu: 11:34
setup/recover: 5:32
AMRAP 12:00: 15 air jumps, 12 handstand pushups (with bars on glute developer), 9 power clean (115 lbs)
= 3 rds + 12 air jumps

PM: short interval bike
wu: 6:00
9 x 1:00 w/1:00 rest
cd: 5:53

breakfast/post-workout: banana, almond butter, coffee
lunch: cheese/pear sandwiches, mini pizzas, fruit, southwestern egg rolls, whoopie pie
post-ride: coconut water
dinner: pizza, cake
snack: veggie puffs


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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