August 29

Took an easy bike ride with the wife on her new bike this morning.

I felt really sluggish in my WOD, especially the push-presses . . . form got pretty ugly toward the end. I took it easy on the warm-up; my quad started to get tight and I didn’t want to do anything dumb.

I was really hungry after church, so I ended up on a carb binge. I need to work on my Wednesday food intake since we have to eat dinner so early.

AM: easy bike ride
7.09 mi
time: 34:32

wu: 7:37
3 x (7 push press: 95 lb, 9 lateral burpees, 11 chest to bar pull up)
time: 11:41

breakfast: banana, almond butter, coffee
lunch: spaghetti squash, mushrooms, sesame sticks, homemade tomato sauce
post-workout: coconut water, baked potato wedges w/miso paste and siracha
dinner: cooked veggies, seitan, pinto beans, salsa
snack: dried mango, black bean chips, blue corn chips, salsa


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Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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