September 10

My quad is still giving me trouble. I don’t really have the option of resting it, but I will continue to ice it and do what I can to relieve pressure when I can. I took out a round of sit-ups on the developer in my CFE warmup today.

I ran on the treadmill today for my WOD, worked out well.

I had somewhat of a breakthrough during the 3rd split of my swim today. I started entering the water a little further back by my head, and took my arms more out. I got faster with less work. Not a huge difference, but enough to keep me excited.

wu: 8:24
3 rds for time: 200m run, 12 hand stand push-ups (modified), 12 52lb kettle bell swings
time: 10:16

PM: long interval swim
wu: 10:00
4 x 200yd w/2:00 rest
cd: 2:53
total time: 33:08

breakfast: banana, almond butter, homemade “nutella” coffee
lunch: meatless wraps, fruit, blue corn chips, salsa (Jason’s Deli)
pre-swim: green tea, LaraBar
dinner: spinach and whole wheat pasta, homemade tomato sauce, carrot/cucumber salad
snack: cashew cheesecake


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