September 12

I did my first bike/run brick this morning. Overall, it felt great. My legs felt great, tranistions went well, etc. I wore my new tri shorts. Definitely not as much padding, but overall I am really pleased. I wore other shorts over them (for my ego’s sake) when I ran, and they ended up pretty sweaty, but nothing I am concerned with.
I went ahead and added in 2 transitions just to get in the practice. I started in just my tri shorts to mimic coming out of the water, then transitioned from my bike to the run. I expect to have a big improvement on my bike time on race day, since it was really windy, but mainly because I stayed in my neighborhood, meaning lots of slowing and turning. I would be satisfied with my run pace if it stays the same for the race. Using these times (which I hope are very conservative estimates), I project my tri time out to be about 82:15.

My dinner was a little odd. We did breakfast for dinner, so I made my vegan buckwheat pancakes, but only ate 2. My wife is sick, so I also had some of her veggie noodle soup.

I had lots of grain today. I need to monitor that.

AM: bike/run brick
t1: 2:22
8 mi bike: 29.31
t2: 2:41
2 mi run: 17:45
total time: 52:18

wu: 7:52
5 rds
5 push press @ 67 lbs, ME dead hang pull up
pull ups = 8, 6, 5, 4, 4,
time: 4:57

pre-run: banana, almond butter, homemade nutella, coffee
post-run: coconut water
lunch: cooked veggies (frozen Thai style) w/added kale and onion, wild rice, pumpkin seeds, sesame sticks, homemade tomato sauce
dinner: buckwheat pancakes, homemade nutella, agave, veggie noodle soup, blue corn chips


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