September 16

Great run today. Started out with my quad hurting for the first 4 miles or so, I was worried it was gonna give me trouble the whole time, but the pain went away about 1/2 through. I had some sports beans before, then at the halfway point along with water. I think they did the job, because I felt stronger the longer I went. I think I could have kept going once I was done. My HR was about 140 at the end, which is right on target with where I wanted it. I aimed to go between  9-10 mpm, and ended up at 9:25, so that’s right on target. I wore my compression socks. I didn’t like them for the first 1/2, but that last 1/2 they were great. I think I may start wearing them more regularly on my long runs.

My legs felt good afterward, but got sore as the day went on. I iced my quad after my run, then again before bed. I did the foam roller before bed too. I have scheduled a rest day from my WOD tomorrow, but I will see how I feel. I also have a tabata workout this week, and some sprints in my WODs. While those are critical, I will closely monitor my quad to see how it is reacting each morning and adjust if needed. I don’t want to risk getting hurt before the race.

I run 14 miles next weekend, which will be my all time longest. Nutrition will be key leading up to that.

I plan to start having 1/2 caffeinated coffee this week to lead into next week, when I will have no coffee to prepare for the triathlon. I’m getting very excited.

My wife made pasta with cashew sauce for lunch. I had some after the run, it was awesome. Black bean burgers for dinner, one of my favorites.

long run: 9 miles
time: 1:24:51
pace: 9:25 mpm

breakfast: dried strawberries, LaraBar, coffee
pre-run: sweet potato, handful of cashews
post-run: coconut water, whole wheat pasta, cashew sauce
dinner: 2 1/2 homemade black bean burgers (just patty), spinach, romaine, mushrooms, bell pepper, avocado, balsamic, yellow mustard, a few blue corn chips
snack: 3/4 Nana’s cookie, coffee


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