September 19

My quad felt great again this morning. Hopefully the worst is behind me.

My wife and I rode this morning out Eastlake, then came back into the neighborhood for a couple of miles. The ride out was great, ride in was really windy.

I was a little tentative for the WOD today due to my quad. I took it easy on the sit ups during the warm-up, and only did the bar for my back squats (more of a rehab approach), but tried to go all out on the rower. Legs felt great, no quad pain at all. Let’s hope this keeps up for my run in the morning.

I had way too much food today. I need to really keep my grains in check, and my before bed food intake. I know I am hungry due to the increased trainings, but I need to focus on VFBNS.

AM: bike 30 min @ 75%
actual: 43:39 (last 10 was really easy pace)
distance: 9:76 mi

wu: 8:37
2 rounds for time w/4:00 rest
500m row, 15 back squats (45 lbs), 15 C2B pull ups

pre-ride: 1/2 caf coffee
post-ride: coconut water
lunch: whole-wheat pasta with cashew sauce, a few blue corn chips, sesame sticks
post-workout: sesame sticks
dinner: “cheeseburger” salad (2 black bean patties, spinach, raw mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, cashew sauce, mustard), blue corn chips, dried mango
snack: carob almonds and raisins


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