September 22

Today I came to the reality of my injury. I have never considered not doing my long run tomorrow, but I think I need to be realistic about things. After doing some reading, and talking with a friend that knows much more about training than me, I have decided it’s time alter the program. This is a much wiser course of action than training through injury. I am doing this in an attempt to heal enough to still run the Dallas Marathon.
Instead of 14 miles tomorrow, I will drop down to an extremely slow 8 miles. I will aim to run it in the 11-11:30 mpm range. I will then not do any running whatsoever until the triathlon on the 30th. I will sub out either rest days or bikes/swims on run days. I am ok with this, and think it will help me in the long term. I will continue to ice 2-3 times a day, foam roll, and take it easy. I will evaluate my WODs day by day to take pressure off of my upper leg. I may go see the chiropractor Monday to let him take a look at it.

Today I did my tobata bike at the gym. Felt great. I changed death by burpees to death by hand release pushups to take the leg pressure out of it.

Diet was pretty lax today. I will shift to 100% vegan with mostly VFBNS Monday in preparation for the race.

AM: short interval bike
wu: 10:00
tabata: 8 x (20 sec max effort w/ 10 sec rest)
cd: 10:00

wu: 6:00
“death by hand release pushup”
max HRPU in 7:00 = 80

lunch: Oscar’s – chips, salsa, shrimp enchiladas, rice, beans
dinner: pizza
snack: garlic sesame sticks, blue corn chips


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