October 7

My knee is KILLING me today. It is hard for me to bend my leg. The chiro said last time I may be compensating for my injury, causing knee trouble. He also said my IT band may be tight, causing knee trouble. Either way, there is trouble. I heated it and iced it after church, and rolled it before church. I soaked it later in the day, and it finally loosened up. My calf started cramping up at some point, but I figure it is just cramping from the long run yesterday. I will keep an eye on it all week, but hopefully it won’t really derail any of my training this week.

scheduled rest day

breakfast: homemade pastries
lunch: veggie pizza, potatoes, rice, tofu, cake, ice cream
dinner: veggie soup, crackers
snack: white chocolate chips (handful), blue corn chips, popchips


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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