October 11

My run this morning was really humid. I sweat a ton. I decided to push it right off of the bat as long as my leg felt ok. I started out in the upper 8 minutes per mile then dropped off a little. My leg tightened up every now and then, and my calf hurt a little. My main concerns was how much I physically hit a wall around mile 5. I picked up a little around 6. My main concern is that I felt like I was pushing it, but still came in above intended race pace (9:12 mpm). Honestly, I think I am just so paranoid about my leg that I am not truly pushing it. I am ready for the leg to heal. That said, it was still my fastest 7 miles in a while.

My body is pretty sore, and I am pretty whipped today. I may take tomorrow as a rest day, or may do an easy ride or swim depending on how the day goes.

After evaluating some things, and realizing that I am not really making any physical gains any more (fat loss), I have decided to really be intentional about 3 things:

1. Get more sleep. I need to stop falling asleep in the chair and get in bed. I need to shoot for 7 hours of sleep.

2. Focus on my diet. This means no more cheating during the week, and mainly VFBNS.

3. Focus on my acidity. This is one I have not been good about. I need to really cut back on my acid producing foods. This will help in my healing.

Great eating day today. Felt good, had a huge dinner.

For today, and maybe tomorrow, I will track my calories to see where I am.

7 mi pace run
actual: 7.01 mi
time: 1:04:47
pace: 9:15 mpm

post-run: coconut water (120 cal)
breakfast: green smoothie (spinach, broccoli, carrot, orange, Vega, hemp, flax, quinoa, strawberries) (329 cal)
lunch: butternut squash soup (268 cal)
dinner: salad (spinach, arugula, broccoli, red bell pepper, mushrooms, almond/miso dressing), pinto beans, mashed potatoes, cashew sauce (775 cal)
snack: almonds, dried strawberries, hot tea w/raw honey  (195 cal)

TOTALS: 1686 cals

F/C/P% = 23.4/62.8/13.8


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