October 13

Woke up early for my long run . . .was really tired. Took me a mile or two to get my legs under me. Overall not a bad run. I did get pretty gassed around mile 12, then really tired the last mile. I used Clif Shot Blocks as opposed to Vega gels. I think I prefer the Vega. I used the same drink mixture I used last week (coconut water, coconut oil, and hemp). I liked the taste and the consistency of the blocks, just not sure I felt as good as when I was using the gels. Not sure I can fully blame the shot blocks . . . just need to experiment more.My stomach didn’t take it or the shot blocks as well as it did last week. Nothing too bad, just a little upset after a couple of times.

My quad felt pretty good. My calves and feet hurt, but I don’t think it was anything outside of normal pain that comes with higher mileage. I did notice that when I am not paying attention, my left foot turns in a bit when I run. Maybe that is why I have been having some leg trouble, especially in my knee.

Ended up going over calories today. Need to focus when I travel this week.

17.18 mi run
time: 2:54:05
pace: 10:08 mpm

pre-run: blended salad – spinach, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 banana, dates, apple cider vinegar (322 cal)
during run: coconut water w/lime juice, coconut oil, hemp, Clif Shot Block (422 cal)
post-run: Vega (in water) (90 cal)
breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal, flax, agave, 1/2 banana (leftover from kid’s breakfast) (378 cal)
lunch: leftover stir fry from last night, dried strawberries (513 cal)
dinner: bean burritos (443 cal)
snack: DDIPA (422)

TOTALS: 3,162 cal
Fat: 90 (28%)
Carb: 436 (60.2%)
Protein: 65 (11.7%)


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