October 21

Great run this morning. I ran with my friend Ben, which really helped pass the time. We aimed for 10-11 mpm, and ended up a shade over 10, so we were happy with that. Ben had a really good route planned out, which also helped. We had hoped to leave right at 5:00, but I overslept, so we ended up leaving about 5:20. I used coconut water mixed with coconut oil and hemp, and 3 Vega gels. I am really happy with those results, and I will use these from here on out. Natural grocers in Abilene now carries them, so that will help with the accessibility. Pain wise, my quad and calves did really well. My legs hurt a little, but no more than can be expected with that many miles. I wore compression socks for a few hours after, and went to a parade as well. I think getting out and moving around really helped the acid not to build up, and helped with the pain. I did get pretty nauseous afterward, and had trouble catching my breath, but it passed relatively quickly.

18 mi run
time: 3:02:47
pace: 10:09 mpm

pre-run: blended salad (spinach, avocado, banana, chia seeds, hemp, dates)
during run: coconut water w/ lime juice/coconut oil/hemp, 3 Vega gels
post-run: remainder of coconut water, Ezekiel toast, almond butter, raw honey
lunch: potato, egg, cheese breakfast burritos
dinner: tacos – black beans, cashew sauce, basmati rice, guacamole, blue corn shell, wheat tortilla (plus one with honey)
snack: potato chips, french bread



About super Stevo

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