October 29

Decent swim this morning. Still have a lot of form issues to work on, but overall not terrible. I have decided to start adding interval runs back into the training in these final 5 weeks leading up to the race. I think my leg is up for it. I haven’t felt the quad in well over a week (since my 20 mile bike last Friday). I will take it easy still until I am sure it is good to go.

My wife made an awesome dinner . . . best food I’ve had in a while. After dinner I started not feeling great, kind of flu-like. I decided already to move my run from early morning to late tomorrow night, if I do it at all. I will reevaluate in the morning based on how I feel.

AM: interval swim
wu: 10:00
4 x 100yd TT on 3:00
cd: 5:00
total time: 26:48

wu: 8:47
AMRAP 8:00
12 kettlebell swings, 9 wall ball shots (24 lb)
total = 4 rounds + 7 kettlebell swings

breakfast: veggie juice – spinach, kale, romaine, broccoli, apple, pear, carrot
lunch: veggie juice – spinach, kale, romaine, bok choy, broccoli, lemon, apple, pear, carrot
dinner: “BLT” sandwhich – veggie bacon, Rudis wheat bread, smart balance vegan mayo, homemade honey mustard, avocado, romaine, tofu (cooked in coconut oil), tomato, blue corn chips
snack: dried mango, carob almonds/raisins, popchips


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