November 3

My 20 miler today went pretty well. Started out headed north on Eastlake, which usually puts the wind at my back, but the wind was mostly in my face. That, paired with the wind made the first 10 miles the toughest. Once I turned to go south, things got easier, and flatter. I put in several sub 10 minute miles on the way back. My legs were pretty shot at the end. Given my diet over the past few days, I am satisfied. I added a Honey Stinger waffle to my nutrition and ate it 10 miles in. I may do that race day too, it just helped to actually have something to eat during the run.

I have one more long run . . . 22 miles in 2 weeks.

20.28 mi run
time: 3:24:44
pace: 10:06 mpm

pre-run: blended salad – romaine, banana, avocado, apple cider vinegar, hemp, dates
during run – Vega gels, homemade drink (coconut water, coconut oil, hemp), Honey Stinger waffle
post-run: remainder of blended salad, coconut water
lunch: Amy’s vegan burrito, blue corn chips
dinner: mushroom pizza
snack: fritos


About super Stevo

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