November 24

GREAT run today. I was afraid it would be rough due to my diet lately and the wind, but it was great. I averaged right at 9 mpm, which is far better than anything I have done over 10 miles to this point. I am not sure I can realistically hold that pace for the full 26.2, but it was still encouraging nonetheless. I definitely hit a wall around mile 9, then at mile 11 my left leg went numb for a minute, which was bizarre, but it went away immediately. Overall, I am extremely happy with the run.

12.01 mi run
time: 1:48:15
pace: 9:01 mpm

breakfast: banana, dates
lunch: Chipotle tacos
dinner: Crawfish nachos
snack: cookies


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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