November 25

Finally home from Lubbock. It was a great time, but my body is screaming to get back onto my regular diet. As of tomorrow, no compromises whatsoever until the race. None.

I have been listening the Garden Variety Tri Podcast on iTunes, and it is really helpful. There have been a few suggestions that I think I want to take . . . the first of which being to monitor my sleep much more closely. I have downloaded a recommended app called Sleep Cycle that monitors sleep, wakes you up during a light sleep cycle, etc. I am interested to see what I can learn from it.

For this week’s training, I think I may only do CFE warmups 3-4 times instead of a full WOD. I want to make sure my body is as rested as it can be with the race 2 weeks away.

My calf is screaming today from the run yesterday. I rolled my legs for a while when we got home. Hopefully after the pool tomorrow it will be nice and rested for when I start the running again Tuesday.

rest day

garbage (traveling)


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