December 17

sleep time: 7:29
sleep quality: 76%

Had my first cup of bulletproof coffee this morning. Tasted great, but what do you expect when you’re drinking butter?

I didn’t put as much butter in the coffee as they call for which may have been the reason that I was hungry 2 hours after. I had some almond butter about an hour before my workout to keep the fat levels high.

My WOD was good, I didn’t have an overabundance of energy, but I don’t attribute that really to a diet I had only been on for 3 hours. More likely due to the fact that I hadn’t done anything CrossFit related in 2 weeks. My left quad gave me a little bit of trouble here and there (where it had cramped up during the marathon) but nothing I’m too concerned with. It will get plenty of rest in the next few weeks.

I am trying to fully grasp what the glycemic index means for this low-carb thing. I had a green apple and carrot in my smoothie at lunch, both have lots of carbs, but they either have a low GI score or low GI load, so I am incorporating them. That moved my net carbs up a little higher than I wanted though. I am using two sites for looking at GI score. I’m not sure that I am completely satisfied with either. I will continue looking for good sources.

Got a decent headache midway through the afternoon, but that could have been from working on the computer all morning.

Overall not a bad first day for something completely new. I am still getting my mind wrapped around the amount of fat I am taking in. Seems like a ton. We bought peanut butter yesterday (just ground peanuts, not Peter Pan or any other death in a jar). Man, I love this stuff . . . it’s been a long time since I’ve had any.

I can’t really tell a difference today than any other day as far as energy or overall well-being goes, which I think is good. I definitely need to tweak some things simply from a sustainability point if this turns out to be something I want to do long term.

CFE WOD: “Helen”
wu: 6:19
3 rds:
400m run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull ups
time: 11:05

breakfast: bulletproof coffee
pre-workout: tbsp of almond butter
post-workout: green smoothie – arugula, kale, green apple, small carrot, blackberries, hemp, Vega, chia seeds, flax seed, ginger
dinner: wild caught salmon, salald – arugula, spinach, peppers, cucumber, avocado
snack: macadamia nuts, peanut butter




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