December 16

I have been making a lot of plans as to what is going to bridge my marathon training (ended officially last Sunday) and my next training program. I guess my next official training program will be this summer, in preparation for Redman 70.3 (half-iron). I have plans to run 4 triathlons before the summer, 2 sprints and 2 olympics, but I will rely on regular CrossFit Endurance to prepare me for those.

I mentioned in my last post that I plan on trying a month-long vegetarian/paleo diet. I still plan on doing that, but being more specific. I recently picked up the book Wheat Belly, and that has led me to want to really take grains out of my diet. On top of that, I have been learning  a lot about ketosis, which is the state of making your body burn fat for energy over carbohydrates. To do this, you not only need to kick the wheat and sugar, but also pay close attention to the glycemic index, and all other forms of carbs that you are putting into your body. This ultimately leads to significantly increasing the amount of dietary (i.e. “healthy”) fat you take in. I will also allow myself to add a few animal products into my diet with extreme caution. The main things I will add are occasional organic/free range eggs, grass fed butter (for my bulletproof coffee), and some fish. I plan on doing this 100% during January. I will start January 2/3 and go until my first trip is scheduled at the end of the month. It will be almost 4 weeks. I still plan on doing it after then, but I have a crazy travel schedule for 2 weeks starting on January 25th which will make it increasingly difficult. The point for this is not only to switch my body from burning sugar to burning fat, but to also get rid of the layer of fat on my gut that refuses to budge. If this goes as well as it is supposed to, I can enter tri season at the lowest body fat of my life. Given my low muscle mass (which I will eventually address), I could theoretically drop down into the low 160’s due to this.

Since Christmas is coming up, I don’t plan on doing this 100% until after the holidays, but I will give it a “test run” this week. Starting tomorrow I will go grain and sugar free until Thursday. It’s a short test, but it will give me some time to play with things. I will also add back in me CFE workouts with some endurance and interval work this week.

I had a fantastic 20+ mi ride today with my friend Ben. It was 20+ mph winds, but still a great workout. I needed to get out and do something. Stayed in the areos about 95% of the ride. Felt great.

bike: 20.72 mi


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