December 30

Well, another year has come and gone. This year was awesome. I did my first tri and my first marathon. I plan for this to be only the beginning of my endurance sports life. I am very, very excited for 2013 and all it has in store from a race perspective. I will update the blog with my 2013 race plans in the next few days. I have it nailed down except for a mid-summer race. I may or may not make that decision before the summer rolls around.

This Christmas has treated me very well. I have been able to get everything I needed to be fully equipped to enter into tri season. As I said the other day, I got a wetsuit. I also just ordered a tri-suit. I am a little concerned with the sizing though, so I may return it if it doesn’t fit well. I also finally got my tri shoes in. They are Pearl Izumi IsoTransitions, and I love them. I haven’t run in them yet, but just going around the house they feel great. I will do a little running in them (maybe just on the treadmill) this week. I also gave my wife a VitaMix for her bday yesterday. While she loved it, I do too. I am excited to add it into my daily food preparation. I also swung by BikeTown and picked up the skewer, training tire, and block to finish out our trainer setup.


Our newest family member.

New PI IsoTransitions

New PI IsoTransitions

Trainer ready to induce misery.

Trainer ready to induce misery.

Diet wise I am excited to start my wheat/sugar free diet this week. I will start on the 2nd and go until at least the 25th. See my training page for more details. I will do this for a few weeks hard-core, then continue with a version of it (depending on how January goes) through the spring until my half-iron training starts in June. I will do more research before then, but I plan on working toward a state of fat-adaptation for that long race. More on that to come closer to that time.

Either way, I will slowly add in CrossFit Endurance again this week as time permits (traveling some) then go full out CFE as prescribed starting next Monday, and that is what I will rely on for training through May.


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