January 1

I have put a lot of time and consideration into what races I will run in 2013. I will dedicate 2013 almost completely to triathlon training and racing. This schedule may change a little bit based on unforeseen circumstances. These races were selected based on my family’s ability to compete together, my travel schedule, ability to train, and location.

3/10/13 – St. Patricks Day Tri (sprint) – Keller, TX. I chose this race primarily because there is a kids’ race the day before that both of my boys can compete in. I also selected it because it is the earliest one in the year and I want to get an early start.

4/14/13 – King Tut Tri (sprint) – McKinney, TX. This race is one that the entire triathlon club at work is doing. Since I am the faculty sponsor for this club, I will run this race with them. The course is the same one I raced on last year at Stonebridge Ranch Tri, and it was a lot of fun. Since this will be an open water swim, I anticipate this being my first wetsuit race.

5/5/13 – Buffman & Squeaky (olympic) – Lubbock, TX. This race is in my hometown, so it will be fun to go and race. This will be my first olympic distance, and given the course it will be fairly challenging. There is also an opportunity for my oldest to run in the kids’ tri they offer as well.

5/27/13 – CapTxTri (olympic) – Austin, TX. This will be my first large scale triathlon. I have heard the course is great and the event is very well run. This will more than likely be the only race I race with all of my friends, so it should be fun. There is also a kids run on Sunday that my kids may be able to run in.

7/14/13 – Disco X-50 (1 mi swim, 40 mi bike, 9 mi run) – Valley View, TX. This is the race that I am most up in the air about. It is a great distance to bridge the gap between olympic and half-iron and get me used to racing in the heat, but it is early into my HIM training so I am not sure how ready I will be. More than likely I will add in 4 weeks of longer training before officially beginning my HIM training to prepare me for this distance. Plus, this race is expensive . . . so we will see if it officially makes it into the schedule as the summer approaches.

9/21/13 – Redman 70.3 (half-iron) – Oklahoma City. This will be my “A” race this year. Everything I do up to this point will lead to my first half-iron. I will race this one because I hear it is a pretty good course for a first half, and my sister lives in OKC, so it will give me a chance to have my family there and have a place to stay.

10/27/13 – Monster Tri (sprint) – Keller, TX. I will finish tri season on the same course I started it. I am selecting this race for the same reasons I selected the St. Patricks Day Tri . . . because it is late in the season and because my entire family can race.

11/13 – Marathoning for Miracles (1/2 marathon) – Abilene, TX. I may or may not race this one, but it will come at the end of the season, so I should not have to do anything additional to train for it. I really want to race a stand-alone 1/2 to break the 2 hour mark, and this flat race could be the perfect opportunity. Plus, it’s in my town so there would be no travel involved.

So that’s it. 7 triathlons and one running event. I may throw a couple of 5k’s in as I can. This is a lot of racing, so we will see how my body responds to it, but I think the constant racing will help me keep my training at a high level. These races will also add up in cost, so any unforeseen expenses for the family could also impact this schedule.


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