January 2

Happy new year! Today is the first day of my month of sugar and grain free. We ended up staying at the lake an extra day, so I had to make due with what was there this morning, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Rode the trainer when I got home . . . wow, it has been a while since I have done anything and it whipped me. I attached my HR monitor to my aero bars, but realized it wasn’t picking up consistently so I took it off in my 1st interval and wore it on my wrist. I turned it off during the cool-down. I tried to keep my HR up into zone 3 for most of the work, and it hung around in the mid-upper 150s, then came down into the 120s during the rest. I maxed out at 162.

I didn’t take my stats this morning since I wasn’t home, so I will do that in the morning. I am super puffy. If I had to guess I would say that I have put on around 10 lbs since the marathon . . . but a lot of that is water and will hopefully go away this week.

I originally wasn’t planning on focusing on ketosis or fat adaptation during this month, but the more I got into Wheat Belly the more I think it may be something I work toward sooner than later. We will see how these next few weeks go.

long interval bike
wu: 5:00
6 x 3:00/2:00 – work/rest
cd: 5:00
total workout: 38:00
HR: avg – 135, max – 162

breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit, small amount of scrambled eggs
pre-workout: macadamia nuts
post-workout: green smoothie (red-leaf lettuce, blueberries, bok choy, green cabbage, small apple, 1/3 carrot, ginger, juice of 1/3 lime, hemp, spirulina, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds)
lunch- homemade tomato basil soup
dinner – salad (spinach, cabbage, bok choy), guacamole, cashew sauce, sardines in olive oil
snack – hard boiled egg, almond butter, cashew butter


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