January 16

Bed at 10:30, up at 4:15 with sick kid, up for good at 5:00

I did an interval run this morning on the indoor track. I did my warm-up in my Pearl Izumis. They felt good to run in. After putting my regular running shoes on for the intervals I realized just how much the PIs push me onto my toes. I really like it. My left calf was cramping up a bit after the run . . . not sure if it was from the new shoes, old shoes, or just the fact I haven’t run fast in a while. Either way, it was gone by the time I got home.

My WOD was good . . . really hit the ol’ legs. The run was pretty wobbly at first.

My wife had a migraine last night, so I followed her recipe and made eggplant lasagna. It was awesome.

5:40 AM – interval run
wu: 10:00
4 x 2:00 TT on 5:00 rest
distances: .29, .32, .33, .30
cd: 5:00

10:00 AM- CFE WOD
wu: 7:17
for time:
1000m row
air squat tabata: 8 x :20 on, :10 off
1k run
time: 14:21

post-run: peanut butter, vegan cream cheese, coffee w/whipped cream
lunch: green smoothie – almond milk, coconut milk, whipped cream (from last night), almond butter, 2 strawberries, kale, romaine, spinach, yellow squash, 1/2 tbsp ground coffee, hemp, rice protein, chia seeds, spirulina
dinner: eggplant lasagna



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