January 20

I am/feel puffy this morning. I assume from those chips yesterday. It’s not too bad, but still noticeable (to me anyway). Today is a much needed rest day from working out. My body is feeling the week’s workouts. Saying that, my legs feel pretty good after yesterday’s TT.

Reading Twitter this morning I was disappointed to see that another one of the people I follow that have been plant-based athletes has gone back to eating meat. This is something I will have to keep in mind as I keep exploring fat-adaptation and ketosis. If the time ever comes where it looks like I will have to choose between adding meat back in or turning back to carbs, I will elect carbs. I don’t ever plan on going back to eating any meat outside of occasional fish.

scheduled rest day

breakfast: almond butter, vegan cream cheese
lunch: creamed spinach/kale (w/butter, onions, garlic, heavy cream)
snack: sweet potato chips, homemade salsa
dinner: eggplant enchiladas (from the wife), refried black beans
snack: raw mild cheddar cheese, pineapple

Dinner – be jealous


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