February 19

Wow . . . I have fallen off of the wagon lately. I went to a bday party Saturday afternoon and had told myself I would allow a piece of cake, or some other cheat food. They had a table of sweets. I was like an addict in a crack house buffet. Zero control.

I allowed myself far too much sugar and grains over the next couple of days after that while traveling, but I am back on today.

I had somewhat of a “come to Jesus” moment while listening to the Rich Roll podcast where he interviewed Vinnie Tortorich again. They were debating plant-based vs. carnivore. I have to say, Rich renewed my passion and committment to a plant-based diet. I will still follow the plan I had originally laid out: mostly plants with occasional eggs and fish. I will finish up the butter and cream I have in my fridge. If I do allow any dairy it will be that, since it is all fat and no casein. Ketosis will not be my goal. I just think it is too hard on my body and creates too much of an acidic state. My main focus will be plants, with a lot of emphasis on low GI and alkaline forming foods. I will still do no grain/no sugar, and not shy away from vegetable fats at all. Mainly I don’t want to create a state of going in and out of ketosis. That is just something I don’t feel is good for my body.

My interval run this morning felt great. I felt fast, legs felt good. My HR was right around 175-177 at the end of each interval, and around 135 at the end of each rest period.

My back tightened up a bit as the day went on. Weird.

I attempted my first tire patch tonight. I put it on the trainer and will ride it in the morning. Let’s hope it holds up.

AM: interval run
wu: 11:00
5 x 400 on 2:00 rest
cd: 5:00
total time: 32:26

breakfast: 2/3 small green apple, tbsp almond butter, coffee
post-run: remainder of apple
lunch: large salad (arugula, romaine, bok choy, red bell pepper, avocado, homemade almond/miso dressing)
snack: black bean chips
dinner: grilled salmon, asparagus, leftover peanut butter from Vitamix
after dinner: decaf w/ small amount of heavy cream


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