February 21

Decent swim this morning, I concentrated mostly on drills. I would feel good for a bit, then get out of sorts. I did flip turns almost exclusively without too much of an issue. I did 3 x 100yd swims at the end, the first 2 were right at 2:00, which I was pretty disappointed in (felt I was going faster). My 3rd I pushed it and came in at 1:42. My main issue right now is breathing and kicking. My legs are getting pretty tired after about 75-100 yds, which is no good. More pool time definitely needed.

I had a work dinner tonight at a great restaurant. I knew I was going to cheat going in.

On another note . . . I have something potentially very exciting that I am working on. More to come.

swimming drills
10 x streamiline drill
4 x 25 yd skulling
6 x 25 yd out of water
4 x 25 yd one arm
4 x 25 yd one arm pull w/kickboard
6 x 25 yd catch-up
300 yd freestyle
cd: 50 yd
total time: 50:00

post-swim: smoothie – almond milk, coconut milk, raw cacao, spirulina, hemp, flax seed, kale, romaine, strawberries, peanut butter
lunch: apple, almond butter (eaten quickly between class and meeting)
snack: black bean chips
dinner: shrimp, mashed potatoes, corn, small piece of bread, calamari


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