March 13

I had a good zone 2 run today. Again, super slow, but felt great after. I felt like I could have gone another hour or two. Kept my HR in the high 130’s, low 140’s the whole time. Due to the wind I headed west/east up to school, the back down. It was the first time running that way since my marathon training. It kind of made me miss putting in all of the miles. Kind of.

I feel like I’m falling apart. About 2-3 hours after my run today my left heel started killing me. No clue what it is, hopefully just a bruise. My arm/shoulder feels a little bit better this morning, but still pretty tender. I think I may have a case of the good ol’ swimmer’s shoulder. Hopefully it will correct itself with a little bit of rest. I have an appointment with the chiro tomorrow just to take a look at it, my heel, my leg, and whatever other injury occurs overnight.

I forgot that I had not updated this since getting my lactate threshold test results. The results were really helpful. Turns out my lactate threshold is around 6.7 mph, making the speed at which lactic acid does not build up at right under 9:00 mpm. My VO2 max is 55. They put that in relative terms for me: most people my age are in the 30s. Teenagers and college students tend to be in the 40s. Recreationally fit people tend to be in the 50s (marathon runners, non-competitive triathletes, etc.). Elite non-professionals are in the 60s. 70s are usually collegiate athletes, and 80s and above are world-class/professional athletes. I feel good about my 55. My max HR is above average: 197. It would be expected that someone my age would have a max HR of 182. That puts my zone two right around 135-148, which is a little higher than I anticipated. These results are a bit on the conservative side they said. Again, extremely helpful.

I struggled with food today . . . couldn’t get enough to eat.

60 minutes zone 2 run
distance: 5.19 mi
pace: 11:34 mpm
HR avg: 140

breakfast: 3 eggs fried in butter (grass fed)
post-run: salad (same as last night, minus salmon), avocado, tbsp of vegan mayo, pine nuts
snack: almond butter, coconut butter, decaf chai tea
dinner: salad (Sharky’s) – lettuce, onions, peppers, pico, cheese, black and pinto beans, green peppers, ranch
after dinner: almond butter, carob chips


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