April 14

Great race today! Awesome weather, fast course, personal bests. Raced with Brandon and Alex, which was a blast. Here’s the recap:

Up at 4:45. Had coffee w/heavy cream before left. Got to race early, prepped transition, bathroom, pre-race meeting, got on wetsuit. Plenty of time. Had blended salad 45 minutes before race (spinach, 1/2 banana, 1/2 avocado, 2 soaked dates, apple cider vinegar).

SWIM: 11:54
Water was 66 degrees. People were talking about how cold the water was all morning, and when they started jumping in people were saying their breath was taken away. Water was cold, but not as cold as I trained in, so I was good. Crowded swim for most of the course. Got kicked once in the face.
I felt the swim was good. I was really disappointed with my time when I got out of the water. Even with accounting for wetsuit stripping and running up the hill to T1, still was about 1:30 below goal pace. After looking at all the times, however, they were all slow. Alex and Brandon had Garmins. One read 600m, the other read 620m. Either way, it was a longer swim than the course said.

T1: 1:25
Good transition. I wasn’t dizzy at all coming out of the water. Decided day before to just put on shoes before getting on bike. Good choice. No trouble at all clipping in. Fastest transition to date (until T2, that is).

BIKE: 36:52
Great bike. I decided to hammer it on the bike and leave whatever was left for the run. Not fast by any means, but fast for me. My goal was 40 min, so I was really happy.
Flying dismount was a mess. Bike in was at the top of a huge hill, and I started to dismount too early, then shoe hit the ground. I ended up just bailing off of the bike about 20 feet before the line.

T2: 0:55
Great transition. Sunglasses fell off and I put them on upside down, but otherwise flawless.

RUN: 26:18
Started off too fast, HR shot up. It took about a mile to get my pace down, but after that it was good. Finished strong.

TOTAL TIME: 1:17:26

Total rank: 80/133
Age rank: 12/27



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