April 18

I overslept this morning (I have not gotten a lot of sleep lately, that needs to change), so I had to cut my swim short. Overall a good swim. My HR was around 135-140 at the end of most the intervals, which is good. I felt my speed was ok, I hit around 16-18 seconds per 25yd.

My zone 2 run was good considering the awful wind. Fastest pace yet. Jumped up above 148 a couple of times, but only for a second or two.

Had some wheat tonight.

AM: interval swim
wu: 5:00
15 x 25yd on 1:00
cd: 5:00
total swim: 24:41

PM: zone 2 run
distance: 3.01 mi
time: 32:34
pace: 10:50 mpm
HR avg: 144

breakfast: banana nut bread (sugar and grain free), coffee x 2
pre-run: apple slices (2), 2 strawberries
post-run: 4 black bean chips, smoothie – 2/3 pear, 4 strawberries, kale, rice protein, hemp, flax seed, coconut oil, almond milk
dinner: field roast sausage, hollowed out Ezekiel bun, black bean chips, mustard
before bed: DPA


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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