April 22

Overall I feel ok this morning. I am down 4 lbs since last week. My eye is getting a little better, but still waiting on results from the MRI.

Lots of coffee today. I need to start cutting back a bit.

My WOD this morning was tough, but good. I can’t remember ever doing that many situps in one workout before.

Good ride this afternoon. Really windy again, so opted for trainer. Kept HR kinda low . . . had to stop in the middle for a couple of minutes to get the neighbor’s ball they threw into the yard. Started watching “Spirit of the Marathon” while riding . . . good movie, ready to finish it.

Had more grains that I needed at dinner.

wu: 7:31
CFE WOD “Annie”
double-unders (modified to tuck jumps)
time: 15:46

PM: 60 minute zone 2 ride
HR avg: 119

breakfast: scrambled eggs (in coconut oil), coffee x 3
lunch: salmon filet w/butter
post-ride: coconut water, scoop of Vega
snack: blue corn chips, salsa
dinner: spaghetti squash, bowtie pasta, homemade marinara, strawberries, carob raisins


About super Stevo

Regular ol' social worker living the dream.

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