April 30

I had a good swim this morning, but probably too fast. I knew I was pushing it the whole time, but felt good so I didn’t let up. I got a minor stitch in my side 1/2 way through, but pushed through it. I ended up with a fast time, but my HR at the end was low 150’s, which is too high. I need to really buckle down Thursday during my swim to make sure I keep my HR in the right zone.

I wish I would have had the same trouble with my run. This is the most frustrating, and slowest zone 2 run to date. I felt good, didn’t mind the heat (90 degrees) or wind, but as soon as I got moving my HR would jump up to zone 3. I ended up walking some just to keep it down. I’m not sure if it is due to the time of day (around 4:30), the heat, or something else. Confusing, seeing that I stayed around 155 at 9:23 mpm at the END of a brick last Saturday. Oh well. I will note it, but not lose sleep over it.

I administered a test tonight, so I didn’t get to eat until late. My neighbor brought some paleo scones by and I had one. Grain free/sugar free. Had a little honey in it.

AM: swim
wu: 10:00
750 yd: 13:13
cd: 5:00
total time: 28:13

PM: 4.01 mi zone 2 run
time: 49:56
pace: 12:28 mpm
HR avg: 146

post-swim: coffee, smoothie (almond milk, coconut milk, coconut oil, spirulina, Vega, blueberries, apple, kale, spinach, arugula, chia seeds, flax seed)
lunch: sardines in mustard, avocado
snack/pre-run: decaf, tbsp peanut butter
post-run: raw veggies (spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, broccoli), homemade dill dressing, 2 boiled eggs
dinner: scrambled eggs and veggies (leftover from wife’s dinner)
after dinner: paleo scone

Post-swim goodness

Post-swim goodness


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